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Revolutionary Parnham Tricycle


Mobile Exercise Trike
with Arm and Leg Propulsion


World's most unusual Exercise Tricycle - it is mobile with 7 speed gears and brakes. You can use either or both arms and legs for propulsion. Steering is done by rotating the seat slightly with hips for left and right turning. It uses a front wheel drive system.

 Click below to view a video of my revolutionary trike

Description of the Parnham Trike:

Revolutionary Tricycle
  • A tricycle where the single drive wheel is powered by both leg action and arm action. The pedal cranks may be driven by legs or by a pair of levers linked to the cranks for arm power.

  • The paired wheels pivot about a central upright vertical axis to provide steering. The saddle extends forward of the central axis where twisting movement of the torso produces accurate movement of the rear paired wheels. The saddle may have horizontal side bars to contact the rider's hips to assist in steering. Steering dampers between the rear wheel frame and the front provide excellent steering control.

  • Use both arms and legs for power
  • The saddle side bars surround the saddle on 3 sides, providing a reaction surface channelling pedalling force more efficiently.

  • The levers each have a handgrip and brake lever. The driving wheel has a caliper brake and the rear axle has a disc brake.

  • The drive wheel has a 7-speed epicyclic hub gear mechanism for ease of startup and riding.

The Parnham Trike offers an exercise combination of simultaneous arm and leg movement in a cycling scene instead of an indoor gym setting.

The Parnham Trike also allows disabled riders without the use of all four limbs to ride solo.

Our unique design was awarded Australian Patent Number 2014202734

The Parnham Trike is available for $4,500 plus freight.

For more information, please contact Alan at:

    Mail: 40 Bermuda Bend,
              Coronet Bay VIC 3984

    Mobile: 0429 060 349       (Intl)+61 4 2906 0349


    (Contact by phone or mail is preferred)



Revolutionary Parnham Tricycle


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