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Revolutionary Parnham Bicycle


Bicycle of the Future
with Arm and Leg Propulsion


The Bicycle of the Future - TWO WHEEL DRIVE, combining arms and legs for propulsion, with front steering.

 Click below to view a video of my revolutionary arm and leg-powered SuperBike

Description of the Parnham SuperBike:

Revolutionary Tricycle

    It has 8 speed hubs front and rear so that you can select different gearing to suit conditions, as well as the strength of your arms and legs. You can stop pedaling with your arms and steer while still pedaling with your legs. You can pedal with your arms and give your legs a rest, or vice versa.

    Use both arms and legs for power

    ONCE THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS BIKE ARE SEEN, ALL KEEN RIDERS WILL WANT ONE. Pedaling with both arms and legs makes for a very fast ride.

The Parnham SuperBike is great for soft ground situations, such as sand on the beach, as both front and rear wheels provide propulsion.

Our unique design has an Australian Patent Applied For

For more information, please contact Alan at:

    Mail: 40 Bermuda Bend,
              Coronet Bay VIC 3984

    Mobile: 0429 060 349       (Intl)+61 4 2906 0349


    (Contact by phone or mail is preferred)




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