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The 'IN' TANDEM Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Shorter, Lighter Tandem Bycicle


I am a recreational cyclist and inventor of the PARNHAM TRIKE.

 Click below to view a video of my revolutionary tandem bike

Advantages of the 'IN' TANDEM Mountain Bike:

  • Drive to both wheels without sprokets and chains, i.e., twice as much traction as conventional bikes, plus "no maintenance'.

  • Shorter and lighter than conventional tandems. Use by one rider has no disadvantage over a normal bicycle

  • Easily fits on a car's rear "bicycle rack".

  • B-M-X handlebars, front and rear, are adjustable for height and reach.

  • A separate brake for front and rear rider.

  • Turning circle much tighter than a normal tandem

Our unique design has a pending Australian Patent Number 2013904054

The 'IN' TANDEM Mountain Bike is available for $3,000 plus freight.

For more information, please contact Alan at:

    Mail: 40 Bermuda Bend,
              Coronet Bay VIC 3984

    Mobile: 0429 060 349       (Intl)+61 4 2906 0349


    (Contact by phone or mail is preferred)




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